About Us

Was founded in 2010. Originated as a Research & Development Company, we had provided remarkable high end custom designs to many of our clients based in U.S amd U.K. From the very beginning, MUTECH helps its clients implement their promising ideas in real products and services. We have the capability to provide complete turnkey solutions encompassing the Design & support of Equipment. The success of MUTECH and the position it secured as a leading business house were mainly due to the family over vast experiences and the trust placed in thr company by customer, employees & prinicipals.


We offer a full range of services for fast development of an electronics solution, from the concept to the samples delivered from production factories. Since its inception, the goods & services provided by us have led to improve productivity in the Industrial sector, Automation solutions, Embedded designing and in the turnkey Projects.
Now, we are fullfilling directly & indirectly the industries & general markets over the country.