Maintenance Contracts


Maintenance agreements, service contracts, or repair services is an allowable charge to a project only if it can be shown as a direct, allocable cost. MUTECH Repair and Maintenance Contract is designed for use on individual projects that involve a defined programme of repair and maintenance work to be specified. Also Offering industrial automation 24/7 support through agreements. Our Engineer team is fully dedicated, determined & trained incase of trouble shooting & fault finding.We build Engineering professionals and leaders who create value for our customers .Our people are provided with challenging opportunities, responsibilities & freedom to take decisions / risk while learning continuously and growing fast in their professional career. We have developed a dynamic , energetic ,high performance work culture in our past .We strongly believe in enhancing technical skills of our people while building their life skills on a continuous basis. If any company donít have a service agreement with MUTECH but requires urgent support, please feel free to contact us. We will try our best to meet your expectations and deliver superior services and support.